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Results matter, and our track record with cases speaks volumes. Explore our commitment to delivering tangible results and securing justice for our clients. If you are curious if Mr. Geertz has experience with a claim similar to yours, then check out Clients that have been assisted by our law firm.     

Administrative assistant, suffering from numbness and tingling in both hands, degenerative disk disease, degenerative joint disease, neck pain, shoulder pain and upper back pain, recovers previously denied long-term disability benefits.

Child attacked by dog sustains injury and scarring.

Clerk recovers wrongfully denied short-term disability benefits on appeal, as well as, future monthly disability benefits.

Client injured in accident informed that at-fault driver had no insurance coverage until Client retains Law Offices of Timothy E. Geertz and secures policy limits settlement.

Client is struck while riding bicycle on side of road by negligent driver.

Client is unable to work due to fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, obstructive sleep apnea, neuropathy, and sleep disorder, and was denied long-term disability benefits.

Client obtains approval of non-hazardous disability retirement benefits with the Kentucky Retirement Systems.

Client seeks assistance after incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars due to serious and life threating injuries stemming from a motor vehicle accident.

Client seeks assistance with legal malpractice claim against former attorney.

Client struck by drunk driver resulting in significant injuries to shoulder, neck and lower back retains legal counsel.

Client struck by semi-truck seeks compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Client trips and falls over curb at grocery store that is in violation of building code.

Client who was denied disability benefits dies. Family seeks assistance in obtaining past due disability benefits.

College student assaulted seeks compensation for injury.

College student suffers concussion in motor vehicle accident placing scholarship in potential jeopardy.

County school employee suffering from multiple back ailments recovers disability benefit.

Customer service representative who suffers from anxiety and depression approved for short-term and long-term disability benefits.

Denial of disability benefits leads to a lawsuit being filed. Insurance carrier agrees that Client is disabled from any occupation and issues disability benefits.

Disability insurance carrier denies Client’s claim for benefits alleging Client can perform the essential duties of any occupation for which the Client is qualified by education, training or experience. Litigation resolves the claim for the Client.

Driver attempts to flee the scene of an accident after significant collision results in Client suffering a herniated disc. Damages are recovered from driver and Client’s underinsured motorist (UIM) policy.

Driver flees the scene after causing significant collision resulting in multiple injuries to Client, including a broken bone in Client’s hand. Driver is held accountable, and Client recovers damages.

Driver runs red light. Client sustains painful injuries, lost wages, and the need for future medical care.

Driver runs stop sign striking Client’s vehicle. Client is compensated for multiple injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Drunk uninsured driver collides with Client and flees the scene. Client makes recovery through his uninsured motorist (UM) policy.

Employee’s disability pension benefits are approved by employer after assistance sought from Law Offices of Timothy E. Geertz.

Employer denies short-term disability benefits to employee. Medical proof of Client’s degenerative disk disease, disc bulges, stenosis, radiculopathy, dizziness, shortness of breath, fibromyalgia, and fatigue result in a reversal and issuance of due disability benefits.

Facilities Manager suffering from multiple disc bulges and protrusion causing stenosis and radiculopathy resolves claim after retaining legal counsel.

Family Support Specialist has disability retirement benefits approved after a hearing with the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority.

Following a motor vehicle accident, Client recovered diminution in value for BMW.

Former claims adjuster, who required multiple spinal surgeries, was denied long-term disability benefits, but was reinstated after obtaining our firm.

Hail stones cause significant damage to Client’s roof and gutters, but insurance company denies its own insured’s claim. Client obtains legal counsel and obtains due payment under homeowner’s insurance policy.

Hard working nurse after years of work is unable to continue working due to multiple disc bulges, knee surgery, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, and hearing loss. A successful appeal allows Client to receive due disability benefits.

Head-on collision results in injuries requiring months of chiropractic therapy and the need to recover lost wages.

Hoist operator suffering from neuropathy in elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome, back pain, and chest pain awarded short-term and long-term disability benefits.

Hospital technician denied long-term disability benefits despite suffering from multiple cardiac issues.

Inattentive driver pulls out in front of Client who sustains fractured elbow.

Insurance carrier asserts there is no coverage for disability claim. Counsel successfully argues that there is coverage under the policy and facts, and Client receives due monthly payments.

Insurance company denies Client’s claim for long-term disability benefits. Client suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, myalgias, fibromyalgia, and rotator cuff issues, and on appeal is deemed unable to work at any reasonable occupation and entitled to continuation of monthly disability benefits.

Intoxicated driver strikes Client who is riding motorcycle resulting in multiple fractures and significant medical bills.

Jessamine County resident suffers head, neck, shoulder and back injury during motor vehicle accident with uninsured, but Client is able to obtain a recovery.

Kentucky resident involved in horrific out-of-state motor vehicle accident incurs hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Assistance sought in securing driver’s limits, underinsured motorist (UIM) benefits and addressing subrogation lien.

Laborer unable to perform job due to torn rotator cuff, cervicalgia, and lumbar radiculopathy requiring surgery. Long-term disability benefits are reinstated after administrative appeal.

Lexingtonian was ran off the road by another vehicle. At-fault driver’s insurance initially denied all damages until Client retained Law Offices of Timothy E. Geertz.

Life insurance company denies claim and attempts to rescind life insurance policy and return previously paid premiums.

Long-term disability benefits were denied to Client despite suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, dyspnea, congestive heart failure, low back pain, lower extremity pain, and edema.

Long-time Nurse seeks assistance with claim for long-term disability benefits that have been denied despite Nurse’s inability to practice medicine due to leg pain, peripheral edema, COPD, numbness in arms, and shortness of breath.

Manufacturing assembly worker files lawsuit after disability benefits are denied by insurance carrier.

Manufacturing line worker suffers from tremors, degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, spasms, and fainting spells is successful in obtaining not only short-term disability benefits but long-term disability benefits.

Mother and son injured in motor vehicle accident seek assistance in recovering due damages.

Mother seeks help when her young child is injured in an automobile accident due to another driver’s negligence.

Motor vehicle accident results in settlement for client who was experiencing back pain that radiated into hip.

Motorcycle rear-ended by vehicle catches fire resulting in Client sustaining multiple injuries and scarring.

Multi-vehicle accident leaves Client in need of surgery to lumbar area.

Multi-vehicle accident results in elderly Client sustaining neck and back injury requiring months of physical therapy.

Neurocognitive disorders prevented Client from performing any occupation. Our firm was able to gather the proof necessary to help Client receive due compensation.

Operator suffering from leukemia, osteoarthritis, fatigue, and chronic pain syndrome approved for short-term and long-term disability benefits.

Passenger recovers damages for injuries incurred due to driver’s negligence while operating vehicle.

Pedestrian struck by motor vehicle seeks help after injuring upper extremities.

Pharmacist suffering from cervical and lumbar radiculopathy seeks assistance with denial of long-term disability benefits.

Pothole in parking lot results in Client falling and injuring knees and ankle.

Pregnancy prevents Client from performing laborious job, and she is unfairly denied short-term disability benefits. Successful appeal and payment of due benefits helps ease financial burden of new mother.

Pregnant Client injured has premature contractions after driver runs a red light.

Pregnant Client is denied short-term disability benefits as insurance carrier alleges she can return to work.

Prior to retaining legal counsel, insurance company refused to pay property damage incurred by Client after motor vehicle accident.

Production workers seeks assistance in obtaining short-term disability benefits.

Quality control manager who suffers from neck, back, knee and elbow pain has long-term disability benefits reinstated.

Quality control technician obtains approval of short-term disability benefits on appeal with insurance carrier.

Rear end collision results in unrelenting pain in neck, shoulder, back, and hip requiring pain management.

Rear-end collision causes Client to sustain cervical disc herniation and injuring Client’s leg and arm. Driver’s policy limits are recovered, as well as payment from Client’s underinsured motorist (UIM) policy.

Rear-end collision results in lawsuit being filed when insurance carrier fails to properly compensate Client for injuries to neck and low back.

Rear-end collision results in low back injury requiring physical therapy.

Registered nurse obtains wrongfully denied disability benefits after successful administrative appeal.

Social security disability benefits awarded to Client who suffers from debilitating back pain.

Special education teacher is approved for disability retirement benefits with the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority after request for medical examiners to reconsider application.

T-bone collision results in injuries to neck, chest, upper back, knee, and ankle.

Teacher is successful in appeal of disability retirement benefits with the Teachers Retirement System of Kentucky.

Technician with osteoarthritis in multiple joints seeks recovery of denied long-term disability benefits.

Trip and fall over an unmarked curb at local restaurant results in fractured humerus.

Truck driver suffering from hernia, fatigue, paresthesia in the legs, chronic back pain, and arthritis is assisted in disability denial reversal.

Two friends are injured when their vehicle is rear-ended. Both individuals are able to recover for their damages.

Uninsured driver strikes Client’s vehicle; however, Client is able to recover damages through Client’s own uninsured motor (UM) policy.

Veteran’s disability benefits reinstated after appeal.

While riding a motorcycle, Client was struck by vehicle resulting in multiple fractures. Client needed help obtaining due compensation after ICU treatment an weeks of in-patient physical therapy.

While trying to enter a grocery store, Client is struck by inattentive driver resulting in injury to knee, hip, low back, chest, and ribs.

Widower denied life insurance benefits of late-spouse.

The Law Offices of Timothy E. Geertz have assisted numerous Clients over the years.  Clients have contacted the Law Offices of Timothy E. Geertz after being unable to resolve their claims with the following companies:

ALFA Specialty Insurance Corporation


American Fidelity Assurance Company

Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies

CIGNA Group Insurance

Cincinnati Insurance

Erie Insurance

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company

Great West Casualty Company

Kentucky Farm Bureau

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Manhattan Life Assurance Company of America

Matrix Absence Management

Nationwide Insurance Company

Progressive Insurance

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company

Safe Auto

State Farm Mutual Insurance Company

Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

The Prudential Insurance Company of America

Trexis One Insurance Corporation

USAA General Indemnity Company


Aetna Life Insurance Company


Auto Owners Insurance

Bristol West Insurance Company

CSAA General Insurance Company

Endurance Assurance Corporation


Grange Insurance


Kentucky National Insurance Company

Lincoln Financial Group

Mass Mutual


New York Life Group Benefit Solutions

ReliaStar Life Insurance Co.

Rental Insurance Services

Safeco Insurance

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

The Commerce Insurance Company

The Hartford

The Standard


United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

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