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Production workers seeks assistance in obtaining short-term disability benefits.

Client obtains approval of non-hazardous disability retirement benefits with the Kentucky Retirement Systems.

Hail stones cause significant damage to Client’s roof and gutters, but insurance company denies its own insured’s claim. Client obtains legal counsel and obtains due payment under homeowner’s insurance policy.

Insurance carrier asserts there is no coverage for disability claim. Counsel successfully argues that there is coverage under the policy and facts, and Client receives due monthly payments.

Intoxicated driver strikes Client who is riding motorcycle resulting in multiple fractures and significant medical bills.

Inattentive driver pulls out in front of Client who sustains fractured elbow.

Teacher is successful in appeal of disability retirement benefits with the Teachers Retirement System of Kentucky.

Family Support Specialist has disability retirement benefits approved after a hearing with the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority.

Quality control technician obtains approval of short-term disability benefits on appeal with insurance carrier.

Driver attempts to flee the scene of an accident after significant collision results in Client suffering a herniated disc. Damages are recovered from driver and Client’s underinsured motorist (UIM) policy.

Drunk uninsured driver collides with Client and flees the scene. Client makes recovery through his uninsured motorist (UM) policy.

Special education teacher is approved for disability retirement benefits with the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority after request for medical examiners to reconsider application.

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